Business knowledge sharing


  • 1

    Create your own workspace. Invite your partners and co-workers to participate in a simple role-based system.

  • 2

    Manage your business knowledge through smart documents as a single point of truth. Define your business rules.

  • 3

    Organize decision making and knowledge share process like you want and keep you business under control.

What's Inside?

Handshake is not a CRM. This is a completely new approach for building flexible, highly responsible and well-organized businesses. The core of your business will be smart documents, not tasks or checklists. Only you can define the strategy of your business and Handshake is here to help.

  • Workspaces

    Create Workspace And Invite Members.

  • Knowledge

    Compose And Accept Documents.

  • Releases

    Suggest & Manage Multiple Releases.

  • Roles

    Multiple & Sophisticated Roles System.

  • Voting

    Advanced Voting System On Steroids

  • Business

    Keep Your Business Under Control

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